TIPS for Improving Sleep Quality

From Taking Charge of Fibromyalgia, Fifth Edition,
written by Julie Kelly, MS, RN and Rosalie Devonshire, MSW, LCSW

Consult your doctor about taking a medication to improve your sleep quality.

If you are experiencing morning grogginess while taking a medication to improve your sleep quality, take the medication as early as 6 pm.

Take time to wind down before bed.

Follow a bedtime ritual (e.g., warm bath, listening to relaxing music, reading, and other relaxing activities).

Limit caffeine to one-two cups in AM

Reduce or eliminate fluid intake after 6 pm if you need to urinate during the night.  Medications such as diuretics and blood pressure medications that get rid of excess fluid should be taken earlier in the day whenever possible.  (You will need to consult with your physician first.)

Use relaxation tapes or exercises before bedtime.

Develop a program of aerobic exercise, but avoid exercising in the evening.

Actively deal with problems that interfere with sleep (e.g. pain and discomfort, crying baby, uncomfortable mattress or pillow, snoring spouse, concern about safety issues, etc.).

Seek treatment for depression, anxiety, and/or stress ifyou are experiencing these.

Avoid taking a nap late in the day.  (It may be more difficult foryou to go to sleep at your normal bedtime.  Or you may sleep for a few hours, find yourself awake, and then be unable to get back to sleep.)

Don’t work in your bedroom.

Drinking a glass of milk before bed may be helpful.

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