Fibromyalgia Videos

Fibromyalgia Exercise Videos.

Three different videos offer instruction and information specifically for fibromyalgia patients regarding exercise. These videos are produced by exercise physiologist Sharon Clark, PhD, FNP, expressly for people with FMS. An extra, free video of Dr. Robert Bennett, an internationally acclaimed fibromyalgia researcher, is included with the Aerobic video and/or with the order of all three tapes. Visit for more information.

Show Me Where It Hurts

This video features Patrick B. Wood, MD and Andrew J. Holman, MD, both fibromyalgia researchers. The pain of fibromyalgia is a daily reality for millions of people. This video gives patients a front row seat on some of the cutting edge research breakthroughs being made in the fight to conquer fibromyalgia. Hear from patients and caregivers as they reveal how real strides are being made in our understanding and treatment of this mysterious disorder. $29.95 – Visit for order information or click here to proceed to the NFRA Shopping Cart to order. ***OUT OF STOCK***

Manual Tender Point Survey (DVD/CD and Booklet)

Are you confident in your ability to perform the Manual Tender Point Survey?

The Manual Tender Point Survey booklet and DVD walk you through each tender point site, providing information on the exact location, and describes and demonstrates both the patient and examiner’s position during the examination. The booklet also includes a scoring sheet that can be copied and included in the patient’s medical file.

This booklet and DVD is a must for medical professionals who are diagnosing and treating fibromyalgia. It can also be a good resource for the patient who wishes to better understand their diagnosis. $8.00 plus shipping and handling.  Click Here to proceed to the NFRA Shopping Cart to order.

Fibromyalgia and the Central Nervous System Symposium DVDs

The National Fibromyalgia Research Association sponsored its fifth Researchers’ Symposium, Fibromyalgia and the Central Nervous System in Salem, Oregon on September 9-10, 2006.  Dr. Robert Bennett moderates the symposium at which 17 international researchers presented and considered current research and theories in fibromyalgia and its overlap with the central nervous system.  DVDs are available individually or in sets.  Click Here to proceed to the NFRA Shopping Cart to order.



Obesity Link to Fibromyalgia
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