Fibro Fog

This term has been coined by fibromyalgia patients and some treating physicians to describe the mental confusion often associated with fibromyalgia syndrome.  It is actually part of the cognitive dysfunction segment of fibromyalgia.  It is described by patients as a state of confusion which can last for several hours, weeks or during the entire length of a fibromyalgia “flare.”  Symptoms vary from patient to patient and event to event, but taken as a whole, it is one of the most life altering aspects of fibromyalgia.  People who were accountants before fibromyalgia can no longer add up figures in their own checkbooks. Shopping center parking lots become huge mazes with lost vehicles that a sick person in pain and with no energy must penetrate in order to get home.  Confusion about what medications need to be taken at what times can stop a patient from taking anything causing even more pain and fatigue which only enhances the fibro fog component.  Tips on helping alleviate some of the fibro fog problems, include making lists which can be taped to the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, the office computer, etc.  Reviewing tasks that must get accomplished and setting goals to help meet deadlines are helpful.  Getting rid of clutter and keeping things simple helps to alleviate extra confusion.  For safety reasons, it is a good idea not to drive or use tools during an extreme fibro fog episode.  Asking a friend or family member to help out with transportation during an extreme episode is wise.

Dr. Andrew Holman:

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